In this fashnable era every person used to maintain itself according to latest fashion.with fashion,accessories & grooming products are also used to explore bloom.For every part of the body  a perticular accesorries is used like for neck neckless is used,for hand bangles are used,for fingers ring are used,in the same way to decorate nails or to beautify nails nail lacquer are used.

Now the question is what is nail lacquer?

So the answer is,nail lacquer is a liquid which is used bassically on the nails or toes of female. This lacquer is used to decorate & protect or gives a covering to the nails.

Every women wants their nails look healthy and beautiful.But the question is how to make them healthy and beautiful?which nail lacquer  we will use to make nails protective and healthy? Which lacquer will dry soon as our life is very fast and we dont want to spend so much time in drying nail paint after applying it.

So here top 11 nail lacquer brands are given to solve your problem.These top 11 nail lacquer brands have their own specification,and their shine going to make your nails look wow.

1.Butter london nail lacquer

Product specification-

  1. Awesome colours,long lasting,looks glittery on nails
  2. Works well over an opaque colour
  3. Beautiful cream formulation
  4. Each lacquer has it’s own feature,nourishing formula,vitamin infused.
  5. Lacquer  has highlightly pigmented formula that promotes nail strength
  6. No formaldehyde,no toluene no DBP
  7. USA product

price -(2,000-4,000)INR





2. Essie nail polish

Product specification-

  1. Usa product
  2. It’s seems to have a great quality and colour
  3. It looks normal but when it applied on the nails it become thick & smooth  and spread easily on nails.
  4. Dry soon
  5. Looks like a clean natural barely coat
  6. Long lasting






3.Zoya nail polish

Product specification-

  1. It is world’s longest wearing natural nail polish,nail care treatment
  2. High colour intensity
  3. Dry fast
  4. Chip resistence
  5. Do not yellow the nails
  6. No formaldehyde
  7. It’s mild acetone formula moisturises,nourises & help to protect the nails
  8. Smell pleasent






4.China glaze nail lacquer with hardeners


Product specification-

  1. Free from DBP, toluene,and formaldehyde
  2. Long wearing nail lacquer
  3. Flexible and will not chip
  4. No thinner required
  5. Non thickning formula
  6. Glossy lacquers work in perfect cohension
  7. Long lasting strength
  8. Dry quickly
  9. It is influenced with china clay which works to strength nails and protect from chipping







5.OPI nail lacquer

Product specification-

  1. Dries super quickly
  2. Protect nails from break
  3. True matte
  4. Colour is nice
  5. Flexible
  6. Durable,long lasting
  7. Free from formaldehyde



6.revlon color stay gel envy long wear nail lacquer

Product specification-

  1. Fast drying
  2. Product nail enamel
  3. Awesome colour,surprising shine
  4. Chip resistence
  5. Long rasting
  6. Contain panthenal,vitamin A&E for nail’s nurishment
  7. Toluene and formaldehyde free
  8. Smooth ,even and precise application
  9. Streak free





7.Yves saint laurent la laque

Product specification-

  1. Available in an incredible palette of shade
  2. Looks natural to brightest
  3. Wounderful shine
  4. Fast drying and protect nails
  5. USA product
  6. It’s price include import custom taxes
  7. Creamy texture,chip free,streak free formula
  8. Hightly pigmented colour with supreme hold contain rose oil and calcium to shield and consolidate nails





 8.Orly nail polish

Product specification-

  1. Water based paint
  2. Each colour was chosen to compliment the latest trends
  3. Fast drying
  4. Formldehyde free
  5. Contain vit A and E to protect and nourish the nail
  6. Smooth texture,even spread,chip free


Rating –☆☆☆☆☆



9. Tom ford nail lacquer

Product specificetion-

  1. Glossy and shiny lacquer
  2. Extra amplified
  3. Differents shades from alluring brights to natural
  4. Long lasting
  5. Dry immediately
  6. Ground breaking,high performance formula with bendable coating delivers high covering and shine
  7. Metallic shine and formulated with unique mirror pearls to maximizs the metalic effect and creates metallic mirror look


available on EMI on




10.Nairs nail polish

Product specification-

  1. This is UV protected which prevent polish to discolour
  2. Durable chip resistant finish
  3. Wear and gloss property
  4. An exclusive formula with technology designed to improve flexibility of nail lacquer


Rating –☆☆☆☆☆



11.RGB nail color

Product specification-

  1. Perfect modern shades will perfectly polish well dressed hand
  2. This unique nail colour formula removes harmful carcinogens
  3. Chip resistence
  4. High shine nail colours
  5. No formaldehyde no toluene no DBP or comphor make it 5 free formula




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